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Black and White at School

Last week we shot a roll of black and white in a group at school, this week we got to print the photos in SAIT’s darkroom and it was so good to feel the slip of (and smell) the chemistry in the air.

Being back in the darkroom was pretty much the best thing ever and I’m definitely going to sign up for the evening class next semester! I always think I don’t like black and white until I shoot and develop black and white and then I’m obsessed with it.

I can’t wait to do more!

Shooting film always makes me take a step back when I’m shooting, because you only ever have a set amount of shots and none can be wasted.
I really only like my own work in black and white when it is that way organically – it’s hard for me to take the colour information out of a digital image.
I was very thankful for Ben showing up that day so I had one of my favourite faces to finish the roll with.
Ben will also always own one of my favourite brains to pick and listen to – especially when it comes to observing life around us.


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