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Camp n Park, Chestermere

Just a happenstance afternoon where I got out of class a little early with no serious homework prospects and Ben was hanging out at home, so we decided to find something to do. The weather today was phenomenal, so why not spend it in the sun right?

After some googling we found this spot near Chestermere, an abandoned water park? What the heck? Apparently there was a skate video shot there a while back and of course we had to check it out. It’s a heavily graffitied spot with a lot of broken glass. The weirdest thing has to be the slides that lead to a pond… Ben said he’d wanted to have seen it before the destruction, and I agree. A neat spot nonetheless!

Sidenote: I feel like many of these locations will be future spots for shooting!

I love circles, so this little light ball got me really excited.
The juxtapositions of this place were so unreal. This was in an upper section of slide that was nowhere near the pond at the bottom, but it still held enough water to grow it’s own pond.
We also had the best light this day. I don’t know how we got so lucky with the adventure, but it was a great one.
Ben totally set himself up for this one without realizing it. I can’t decide if it applied more on that day or more now looking back on it.
Neverending layers of slides and graf.
At the foot of the park was this pond, I can only assume it started as a pool of sorts before eventually nature took it back.
Ben snapping a photo of me snapping a photo of Ben.
I think this will always be one of my favourite images, I love the layers and the colours.
Something made me want to crawl into this section and hang out, but I held off.
Being a kid who always had an affinity for waterparks, wandering through the tubes was just way too much fun.
Always need a detail shot from an adventure – this was by the doorway to the shack near (more like in) the pond at the bottom.
We didn’t make it into the main building outside of the park itself, but it had a lot of stuff to look at through the broken windows.
I’m so often looking at the ground when I walk because you never know what you’ll see down there, in a cluttered spot it can feel like you stepped into I-Spy.
When I find abandoned places in states like this one, I always wish people had the decency to preserve it and leave it as it was left so that more people can come in and taste the history.


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