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Film Friday! Grassi Lakes

Jasmine and I took a little trip to Grassi Lakes in the fall before the leaves fell for my first time up there. It was windy and rainy but such a beautiful, colourful place to spend time. I still haven’t been on a calm day where the water looks like glass, but I know it exists. The colours through the bottom of the lakes are stunning and would make the best backdrop for anything.

I don’t know what else to say about it, but I was pretty dang happy with this roll!

Jasmine looking hella adorable with the lovely colours of Grassi behind her.
Rain doesn’t mean the fun ends ever – it means we’re just getting started.
The lower pool at Grassi.
I’m not sure what the giant pipeline does up here, but it does look like the metal work I used to do at my job which is fun to see out in the world.
Jasmine checking that LCD screen for the shot.



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