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Film Friday! New Brunswick Black and White

In July 2015, I had the pleasure of travelling to New Brunswick for the first time to celebrate the marriage of my really great friends, Ashtyn and Dustin. As a wedding gift I shot most of this roll of black and white with Ashtyn in boudoir fashion so that we could get prints for Dustin come their anniversary, as I’m not quite as experienced in such things as I am regular portraits, the shoot went fast and I didn’t use near as much of the roll as I anticipated.

What you see here is mostly the precursor moments but also during and after the ceremony. Drinking, smoking and just enjoying the company and surroundings the event had to offer.

With permission from the beautiful bride, in time maybe I’ll be able to share some of the boudoir session. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the next Film Friday!

A smoke break for Ashtyn, the lady of the day.
Post ceremony hangs by the guy’s cabin while the couple of the day did some photos.
A cute wedding guest who positioned herself in the right spot against all the layers.
The ceremony.
Ashtyn, right before the big moment, looking just fabulous in her dress.
One of the young men of the wedding party being camera shy – watching the big guys do their thing. Shawn, Dustin, Dexter and Dusty in that order on the left.
A little reunited-ness in the East after being apart for a while. Scott, Matt and Alex.
Mitch and Dustin are ready for the shot while Alex catches up with someone off camera.


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