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Film Friday! Ashtyn’s Wedding Boudoir

For Ashtyn and Dustin’s wedding gift I offered to shoot Ashtyn the morning of the wedding in her lingerie with the intention of getting prints done for Dustin come their anniversary. I had bought this roll of C-41 from London Drugs just to see what it was all about. I just felt like I needed to bring along the black and white when I went this summer and I’m seriously glad I did because this roll just turned out beautifully, not only Ashtyn in her pre wedding state, but the photos from last week’s Film Friday with everyone hanging out, before during and after the ceremony.

Ashtyn was thrilled with what came out and I was scared but I seem to always expect the worst so that I can be ten times more excited when it works out. I had no idea how well they would work after letting the roll stare at me for six months, and I was pleasantly surprised! I look forward to using this film again, and hey I’ve been booked for my first wedding so maybe I’ll get to use it then too!



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