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Grassi Lakes

Finally made it out to Grassi Lakes a few weeks back. It was a great little hike, perfect length and difficulty. I want to make a night trip out when bears are less of a threat to shoot some long exposures and look for my lost tripod plate. It was also one heck of a windy day out there and that doesn’t make for the best reflection images! The fall colours were awesome though and I can’t wait to get back out to the mountains this weekend! You’ll also see my gorgeous roommate and one of my best pals Jasmine at the end of this post. So beaut!

Grassi Lakes is a popular hike in Canmore, Alta. due to it’s two different routes up – one being more of an access road than a trail and the beautiful colours the lakes have to offer.
The hike in to Grassi Lakes is relatively easy and offers beautiful sights of Canmore and the Bow Valley.
Jasmine, pictured here with the mountain wind blowing through her hair.
Jasmine again, with the colourful backdrop of Grassi Lakes in the fall.

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