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Grotto Creek Canyon

Spent a lovely early morning with my pal Kate before the holiday break hiking and laughing, which is what we do best. The icy pathway of the creek up to the falls was loads of fun to slip around on and coming to the end of the trail to the falls was seriously majestic, seeing the ice pouring out of the cliffside like cold jewels. I’m a sucker for ice falls since there’s some in Yellowknife that are super popular in the winter months, I’ve also had a photoshoot there before thats one of my favourites. I can’t wait to go explore this area in the summer and get some beauties out for creative stuff.

I love the way the ice totally swallows the rock.
Also the way the ice is so smooth compared to the textures of the rock.
Kate feeling the effects of a slippery hike in.
Canyon walls just feel like they could swallow you whole some days.
Water is one of the coolest substances on this planet! I love water in all its forms!
Ice falls ice is also some of the coolest water there is, because its falling and moving thus creating the coolest shapes.
Climbing gear and falling water.
The rock vs the ice and snow, just always a nice visual to take in.



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