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Rowley, AB

Rowley was a much more commercial type ghost town, with storefronts and spooky mannequins in the windows. Very small and still occupied with a few people, it was a very quick visit. We all tight-roped the left over railroad tracks and Jas found some geocaches. We wandered around trying to find a way into the grain stacks, but no dice. It was a cute little spot but not what I wanted to find on a ghost town excursion… Next time!

Details inside of a train car they had kicking around. The rust and the rips in the leather just draw me into this image.
Moss and gravel details.
There was a few large carts of sorts – big machines that looked like they had plenty of purpose at one time, but I couldn’t tell you what that purpose is or was.
The train tracks and grain elevators in Rowley, Alta.
I love it when nature takes back what humans once took from it. I also love old wood and peeling paint.
The playground in Rowley, Alta.

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