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Wayne, AB

I took a lot of photos I’m happy with, this isn’t all of them from the day because I’ve split the two towns we visited into two posts already. Rowley will come second as that’s the order we visited in.

Neither ‘ghost town’ was very abandoned at all, though quiet enough to seem it. It was a great warm fall day for adventuring, especially when we arrived in Wayne. With the map stating that most of the ghosty things were burned or torn down, we decided to climb to the top of the eroded hills surrounding the area. We started on the East side of town (on what turned out to be a frisbee golf course) before driving up the road and pulling over for another climb up the West side of the ridge after not finding much else to look at.

The light was great, the sun was warm and the company ideal. Looking forward to more trips to abandoned towns as well as the mountains with this crew!

Ben atop some fun textures.
I love a good blue sky over top of rolling hills in the badlands.
Sarah looking out over the valley where Wayne, Alta. resides.
I just love the way the badlands come out of nowhere in the prairies, really lets you imagine how it looked when Alberta was all underwater once upon a time.
Ben snaps some cool textures and shadows on the hillside.
Sarah sitting on a rock above the world.
A section of Wayne looking like it’s from a different time period.
The sun illuminates the hillside as Alex looks far and wide.
Ben enjoying a cold one against the hills.
The textures in the badlands are some of the coolest visuals. Crumbly rock and minimal vegetation.
Alex taking on new heights.
It’s also really cool to see such small details in the area that look like they could be real caves and crevices to explore.
Crumbly rocks forever.
More of Ben taking in the sights.
Vegetation sometimes prevails over the rock, but then again that root looks pretty dead to me.
The cast of our crew from that day. Shadowplay.


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