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Yifan & James’ Pre-Wedding Shoot

I came into contact with Yifan after she’d asked a photographer friend of mine to shoot some photos with her before her wedding. She and James will be getting married in China next month, but they wanted to have some photos done in Calgary as well. We started in town and still may shoot some in the mountains, but our mutual friend, Jawn, put us in contact because he’s now in Toronto, thanks Jawn!

We tried to go to Heritage Park to start, but didn’t check to see that it’s closed until the 21 of May, so we shot nearby at the waters edge before moving to Fish Creek in search of an old barn. It had been a few years since I’d been to the barn, but I figured it would be there – hint, it wasn’t. So we shot around the park, walked to the middle of the water, pranced on the bridge. We then headed to Inglewood to shoot by the barn that’s there. I figured we could at least get some stuff on a nice old wall. And we got a few, but by that time, everyone was hungry so we decided to call it a day!

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