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The Avalon, Newfoundland, Canada and Beyond

Hello! My name is Sam, I’m a photographer focused on witnessing humans in quiet, mundane moments, as well the more exceptional ones we know we really want to hold on tight to. I want to hold space and create accessible sessions that allow you to show up in the most you way possible!

While my formal training is in photojournalism, my passion has always been in the mystery and magic of film photography. The whole experience of unknowing while you shoot, testing patience while you process, and finally getting to watch the images come to life beneath red lights is an experience unlike any other. The way I look at the world and take photographs is not impartial in the ways that photojournalism is ‘supposed’ to be, but the idea of human stories and capturing moments from that training definitely informs my work. I want to use the whole image to tell a story. While I will always enjoy the studio aesthetic and control for some things, the fun in photography is working with your surroundings and experiencing an environment that you have no control over while allowing that to be part of the picture.


Listed prices include travel, shooting time, editing time, and final images.

Gathering at Cat Creek Falls on Sunday, June 24, 2018 to celebrate the bodies that we live in and feel good about ourselves. 

Babes in Nature sessions began as a summer outing with friends, aimed at feeling the most comfortable and ourselves out in the world. I want to offer these sessions for solo humans, couples or groups. The idea is we pick a place in the great outdoors, bring a couple outfits and make a day of it. We can pick a theme if we’re working in groups, or we can focus in on the humans while we’re out there. Mostly I want to capture you being you – enjoying the beauty of nature, feeling free and yourself. Look out for my call for free sessions in early summer so you can try it before you book  your own! Pricing: Babes in Nature sessions start at $300 for an approximate hour of shooting with one person anywhere within the Avalon. Couples pricing starts at $400 for an hour and a half of shooting. If you want to make a day of it with a group, we can absolutely discuss prices based on how many folks you want to include!

Shooting with Lindsay at home in Calgary on Saturday, April 11, 2020. 

Sweetest Love sessions are about capturing you and your sweetest love (or loves!) in your safe space. This can be at home, out in the world, or at a location of your choosing. The idea came about after I lost my partner – intimate images we took before I moved across the country became the most special and precious way to hold onto the beautiful, quiet moments that we shared together. I hope to dissolve into the background enough to capture those memories and hold space for you to connect and hold one another close. Pricing: Sweetest Love sessions start at $250 an hour for couples on the Avalon, families will be priced at $400 for an hour and a half of shooting time.

Stop-motion sessions were born out of a creative project I shot in high school. The idea is that I will join you and your family (or people) on an outing or get together and essentially hold down my shutter button while I follow you around! With many images I can create a keepsake video that you can cherish and revisit through the years. Pricing: Stop-motion sessions will be best utilized through at least a couple hours of shooting, priced at $500 on the Avalon.

While these are the session styles I really want to focus on, I am also available for a wide range of shooting projects – really, anything you can think of, try me! I can even give you basic photography lessons! I aim to make all of my services accessible and fair, so if pricing doesn’t feel right with you, I’d love to chat about it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!