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Film Friday! Black and White from the Darkroom!

It’s almost spring in the city, and I’m hecka ready for it. The sun keeps shining and the snow is melting, it reminds me of being a kid.

These are from my first roll of black and white; shot, developed and printed by yours truly! We’ve just learnt dodging and burning this week and I’ve just developed a┬ároll with some double exposures on it which I’m super excited for. I swear this course is giving me life to make it through the next semester and hopefully into the photo major.

I can’t wait to keep shooting more film to develop and print. It’s really nice to be able to share the love with other people and seeing such a variety of cool folks in my darkroom class doing awesome stuff is just lovely. Coming back to a darkroom class has given me a lot in terms of motivation to shoot and the desire to mess with things and have some fun. I shot long exposures last night that I can’t wait to see myself, hopefully they’ll have something on the rolls that I can share!



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